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We are
Walker & Walker

We are a husband and wife team that have over 15 years experience of working with fabrics to produce high quality home furnishings. We believe that to truly realise the pleasure of good design, it needs to be coupled with excellent workmanship. With an artisan approach, we seek to exceed client expectations by handcrafting our commissions to the highest possible standard.


Helen was awarded a Diploma in Advanced Soft Furnishings from the National Design Academy in 2008 before embarking on a career as a maker of curtains, blinds and a plethora of items for the home that require a knowledge of fabrics and sewing skills. To be able to offer our clients a wider range of services she completed a course in upholstery in 2018 before extending this with the AMUSF, getting distinctions in both traditional and modern upholstery at stage 2 of its diploma course.


Pete is trained in business administration and strategy and has a background in marketing and sales. He manages the business aspects of Walker & Walker, prepares furniture for re-upholstery and works with suppliers to create a good quality, broad pattern book library and to provide a reliable fitting service.

Helen Walker

Peter Walker


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Interior Designer

I have used Helen and Pete’s workroom for many years.  Helen makes beautifully, with a meticulous attention to detail.  She is so experienced, discussing new ideas and projects is always rewarding.  They always deliver on time too, however busy.  


We are based in the village of Box on the Wiltshire/Somerset border and can be contacted via this site, by phone or by email. The details are shown below.

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